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A creative force in music for live performance, film, tv and interactive media.

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  • expand_moreLive Music - Arranging & Orchestration (inc collaborations)
  • expand_moreLive Music - Transcription, Copying & Music Preparation
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    “Serengeti” (Music From The Discovery & BBC Television Series) - 2020 (co-orchestrator with Ian Gardiner). Music by Will Gregory, performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

    “Chilled Classics” - 2019 (arranger “The Cure & The Cause” [Sinead Harnett], “Show Me Love” [Moss Kena], “Born Slippy” [Wiley]. Pete Tong & Her-O. Polydor UMC.

    “Jess Gillam At Christmas” - 2019 (arranger “Auld Lang Syne”). Jess Gillam. Apple Music exclusive. DECCA.

    “Rise” - 2019 (copying/music prep “RANT!”, “Where Are We Now”, “If”, “Adagio”, “Flow My Tears”, melody transcription “Dark Eyes”). Jess Gillam. DECCA.

    “Anna Calvi - Live at Meltdown” - 2017 (arranger “Sing To Me” & “Vespers Movement 5/The Bridge”). Anna Calvi. Domino.

    “Rhys a Meinir” - 2017 (orchestrator). Music by Cian Ciaran. Performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

    “Ibiza Classics” - 2017 (arranger “Galvanize” [Rejjie Snow], “La Ritournelle” [Will Heard], “One”). Pete Tong with The Heritage Orchestra Conducted By Jules Buckley. Polydor UMC.

    “Classic House” - 2016 (arranger “Smokebelch II”). Pete Tong with The Heritage Orchestra Conducted By Jules Buckley. Number 1 in UK Album Chart February 2017. Polydor UMC.

    “In a Clear Voice - The Psalms project Volume III” - 2015 (orchestrator & music preparation). Music by Steven Faux. Performed by Bath Philharmonia.

    “The Tyburn Tree” - 2014 (copying/music prep, programming). John Harle & Marc Almond. Sospiro Noir.

    “Art Music” - 2013 (music prep). John Harle. Sospiro Records.

  • expand_moreTheatre & Dance

    “Mr Punch” - in development (notation & music preparation) Music by John Harle. Info T.B.C.

    “REDD” - 2019 (session musician) Music by Michael 'Mikey J' Asante. Boy Blue Entertainment. Performances at Barbican (London) and Fairfield Halls (Croydon).

    “Tree” - 2019 (additional arranging/sample programming-rehearsal use only) Music by Michael 'Mikey J' Asante. Young Vic/Manchester International Festival.

    “Outliers” - 2018 (arranger/orchestrator & additional composition) Music by Michael 'Mikey J' Asante. Boy Blue Entertainment. Performance at Barbican (London).

    “Arcadia” - 2016 (copying & music preparation) Music by John Harle. Birmingham Royal Ballet. Various performances including UK tour.

    “Macbeth” - 2016 (notation and music preparation) Music by Jocelyn Pook. Performed at Shakespeare’s Globe (London).

    “King Charles III” - 2014 (notation and music preparation) Music by Jocelyn Pook. Performances in London’s West End, UK tour, and Broadway, and also as a 2017 TV film adaptation.

    “Dust” - 2014 (copying & music preparation). Orchestrator Ian Gardiner. Music by Jocelyn Pook. Choreography by Avram Khan. English National Ballet. Various performances including premiere at Barbican, Glastonbury Festival Pyramid stage and UK tour.

  • expand_moreFilm, TV & Broadcast Products

    "Black Widow" - 2020 Feature Film (Copyist on team, led by Jill Streater, music by Lorne Balfe).

    "The Prom" - 2020 Feature Film (Copyist on team, led by Jill Streater, music by Matthew Sklar).

    "Antlers" - 2020 Feature Film (Copyist alongside Giles Thornton, music by Javier Navarrete).

    "Spy in the Wild 2" - 2020 Documentary Series (Co-orchestrator with Ian Gardiner, music by Will Gregory) Broadcast: BBC One.

    "Serengeti" - 2019 Documentary Series (Co-orchestrator with Ian Gardiner, music by Will Gregory) Broadcast: BBC One, Discovery Channel (USA).

    "Hurricane" - 2018 Feature Film (Copyist, music by Laura Rossi).

    "Summer in the Forest" - 2017 Documentary Film (Orchestrator, music by John Harle).

    "Snow Bears" - 2018 Documentary Series (Co-orchestrator with Ian Gardiner, music by Will Gregory) Broadcast: BBC One.

    "Rhys a Meinir" - 2017 TV documentary (Orchestrator and as self, music by Cian Ciaran). Broadcast: S4C, BBC Four

    "The Ottoman Lieutenant" - 2017 Feature Film (Orchestrator on team led by Alastair King, music by Geoff Zanelli).

    "Spy in the Wild" - 2017 Documentary Series (Co-orchestrator with Ian Gardiner, music by Will Gregory) Broadcast: BBC One.

    "Earthflight: A 3D Journey" - 2016 Documentary Film (Co-orchestrator with Ian Gardiner, music by Will Gregory).

    "Penguins: Spy in the Huddle" - 2013 Documentary Series (Co-orchestrator with Ian Gardiner, music by Will Gregory) Broadcast: BBC One.

    "Earthflight" - 2011-12 Documentary Series (Co-orchestrator with Ian Gardiner, music by Will Gregory) Broadcast: BBC One.

Fun stats, if your definition of fun has a low threshold...

UK Number 1 Albums (1 track on "Classic House" by Pete Tong & Heritage Orchestra with Jules Buckley)

UK Top 20 Albums (1 track on "Classic House", 3 tracks on "Ibiza Classics", 3 tracks on "Chilled Classics"

No. of BBC Proms (Ibiza Prom, Scott Walker Prom, Folk Prom, Pioneers of Sound Prom, New York Prom)

Years as a professional arranger/orchestrator (my first big project was performed 31st March 2011).

Years in the music industry! (I started in music publishing)

Number of "dots" (noteheads) in my orchestral arrangement of Squarepusher's "Ufabulum"

Services I can offer
Music Services

Yes I write music too! Short animations, advertising idents, film music projects, and additional music for theatre, concert projects and art installation. I use a Logic Pro based recording studio with ability to record live players or use high quality sample libraries. Published by Perfectly Formed Songs.


Changing it up! Give me a famous song, or a new piece, or an artist to collaborate with, and let me go wild. High quality sample based demos of arrangements are usually available but I also work straight to score! My orchestral arrangements have been performed on many of the world's most prestigious stages.


Helping you to realise your intentions for musical performance through notation. Sometimes this process is VERY creative, realising your intentions from basic sketches, other times its ma process of translation of your very precise intentions with a little bit of problem solving thrown in.


I take a LOT of pride in producing practical, clear but beautiful sheet music. Whether rapid part setting on a tight deadline, or detailed editorial work. I've worked for print music publishers and on film/TV projects so can work to professional standards required by either! I work in both Sibelius and Dorico.


Full printing service for scores and parts prepared to studio sessions or published/concert standards. A3/B4 full scores, A4 parts (1 up or 2 up on A3), taped for studio use, coil bound for concerts/publication. Standby copyist service (with A3 printer) available, with additional costs for porterage/materials.


Sometimes a project needs several pairs of hands to get it done on schedule and to the highest possible quality. I have a host of colleagues who I can call on to help meet the requirements of individual projects. If I am unable to be involved with a project myself I am happy to refer you to someone who can help!

Rates/Fees 2020 - (subject to confirmation/individual requirements)
Copying & Music Preparation

per page rates also available

@MU Rates p/hr
  • Copying, engraving, editing
  • Printing & Music Preparation
  • Dorico Pro and Sibelius Ultimate
  • Materials/consumables and delivery/porterage charged separately
Arranging & Orchestration

per bar rates also available

@MU Rates p/hr
  • Creative arrangements
  • Facilitating orchestrations up to full symphony orchestra
  • Full demo mockups available
  • Dorico Pro and Sibelius Ultimate
Composition & Studio Services

hourly/per project

£ by negotiation
  • Rates by negotiation including royalties
  • Additional composition for film/tv/theatre based on existing material
  • New commissioned works
  • Logic Pro studio facilities

Proud member of the UK Musicians Union. Members can access my Musicians Union profile here (must be logged in).

Payments accepted in many foreign currencies - just ask! I have worked for clients in Germany, Netherlands, the USA and Australia. New clients and large projects will be subject to payment of a 50% deposit before commencing work. The final balance will be invoiced upon completion and is payable within 30 days. I understand and will exercise my statutory right to interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under late payment legislation if I am not paid according to agreed credit terms.

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